Everything starts on a draft…
Everything starts on a draft…

Be Maad was born because Laura, its designer, loved jewelry. But sincere, high-quality and everyday jewelry.

Laura learned to understand jewelry by getting familiar with the raw materials and the art of jewelry making - always a pen in hand to sketch a new piece following her inspirations.

She infuses her collections with her personal inspirations, creative and classic all at once, to create jewelry that will fit every woman's style, without compromising on pieces with character - "be mad".


She discovered the secrets of stones and she knows them by heart. She knows that a real labradorite is veined, that a real piece of jewelry is more than just an assembly of parts, and that each woman has her own particular stone.

Therefore at Be Maad, jewelry is undeniably different and more importantly, transparent. Each piece is handcrafted in our workshops. We unveil the mystery of stones and where they come from. From sketches and drawings, to tests and raw materials, Be Maad offers fully transparent character pieces for everyday wear.

Our clients testimonials
«I bought a Sanja ring in green onyx a few months ago and I'm completly crazy about it! The quality is great, I wear it every day and I don't have any issue with it. I received it in just a few days, and now, it's in my basics. I think I'm going to buy soon the assorted long necklace...»
«Your packaging is really stuning! Even my boyfriend admits that your brand is really amazing, everything is perfect!»
«Just to thank you deeply for the joy I felt today when opening my mail box: I ordered those Sangha hoops from my hospital bed, telling myself that I would wear them when I'll be out. To thank you, even if it's just a few words, you sold me even more than just earrings.»
How we make our jewelry
Our jewelry setting is entirely handmade, one hallmark after another: a bold and delicate task.
How we make our jewelry
All zirconiums are put one by one, by hand, on all Sangha collection : a real work of art.
How we make our jewelry
Each gemstone is cut especially for our designs so as a first step, we take the measurements for cutting.
How we make our jewelry
After sourcing quality gemstones to guaranty jewels with unique reflections, our craftsmen are cutting each stone using traditional savoir-faire to preserve its distinctive characteristic.
How we make our jewelry
There is no room for approximation, each gemstone is polished to unveil its beauty.
How we make our jewelry
All our designs are starting with a unique wax mold, we are not gathering existing pieces together.
How we make our jewelry
Our craftsmen are working each step according to a savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation.
How we make our jewelry
Handmade, our signature charm enhances the Sanja collection.
BE MAAD'S EXPERTISEBehind our jewelry, there is ...
Genuine gemstones
Handpicked from Jaipur, a city known for the quality of its stones, all of our gemstones are natural, semi-precious and unique. They are handcrafted with ancestral skills to protect their purity and features.
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Long-lasting gold-plating
Because we know that the jewelry you wear every day needs to be made with great care, we combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create and test our gold-plating.
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A unique technique for each design
From the original sketch to the gold-plating or to our signature bead, every part is precise and handmade to make your jewelry unique.
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