The LEGACY collection

Filled with femininity and originality, this concentrate of novelties defies the moods of the weather and adapts to all desires and all outfits.


the new iconic

Endless and incredible vessel of memories, the past inspires us to share our most beautiful stories, from generation to generation.

The Kara collection thus entrusts us with two unique creations, set with an extraordinary aesthetic and symbolic force.

The Kara ring and necklace combine old-fashioned traditions and unparalleled craftsmanship to highlight your femininity with distinction and refinement.

A graphic XXL ring that won't go unnoticed, a charismatic necklace that complements your outfit, original earrings hanging from your ears: thanks to the jewelry of the Legacy collection, the ideal becomes real.


new essentials

You will find quality jewelry, all handmade. All you have to do is choose your mirror piece, a reflection of your personality.


irresistibly vintage

Magnetic, the Belize collection has the power to stop all glances. It dazzles as much by its originality as its beauty. Irresistibly vintage and timeless, it combines exceptional pieces: 7 necklaces, 7 rings and 5 earrings.

Whichever marvel you choose, you are guaranteed to be treating yourself to the highest quality jewelry. Each creation in the Belize collection features zircons, stones and gilding, all worked and assembled by hand.

About Be Maad

We use the best raw materials to guarantee you a jewel at the fairest price.

We make everyday creations that adapt to each woman's style, without ever making any compromise on strong pieces.

Having an issue? Send us back your jewelry and we will handle the repair process.

Sincere and feminine jewelry.

Each of our gemstones is unique. Your jewelry is too.