Mayan: a name that invites you to travel, even before you know the destination. With this 3-piece collection, embark on a return to vintage style brilliantly combined with the spirit of the times. Through its unique diamond shape and the intensity of its stones, each creation releases as much elegance as character

Mayan celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into every beautiful and meticulous detail of this collection: fine braided links, hand-applied sparkling zircons, and carefully cut fine stones.

Ring, necklace, bracelet; they all have in common the desire to meet you.

The sensuality, no matter what

You will find quality jewelry, all handmade. All you have to do is choose your pièce-miroir, reflection of your personality.

"Signature piece or slight detail: for every style, every look and every occasion."

"There are no rules. Only your desires to listen and your instincts to follow."

Sincere and feminine jewelry.

Each of our gemstones is unique. Your jewelry is too.