The energy of the Grey Mother of Pearl brings security and well-being. It protects from the shocks of life and soothes anger as well as mood swings or anxieties. It helps concentrate on softness, tenderness and maternal love.


Pearly stone with thousands of reflects and its grey and green colors, the Grey Mother of Pearl captivates every person who wears it.

Between grey, golden and green. How not to give in?


Worn solo, it will give character to your look: whether you're in a pair of jeans, a little black dress or Sunday best, with the Grey Mother of Pearl you won't go unseen!

Play with superposition. Dare mixing soft and vivid stones. A radiant stone, perfect for every season.

Each jewel is designed to live in harmony with others. It's your turn to play and create unique superpostions. Endless possibilities...

Sincere and feminine jewelry.

Each of our gemstones is unique. Your jewelry is too.